The Virtual Group is where we share our entire backend system with you inside and out so you can see exactly how we've maximized profits with easy to implement systems and tools!
We Will Show You How We've Built A Predictable And Consistently Performing Company
During The Virtual Group, you unlock access to 4 weeks of LIVE training, starting the first Thursday of every month. 

This training covers step-by-step how I built my 7-figure real estate operation without scaling a large team.

You’ll learn how we make more profits on 10 deals than we were making on 30.

You’ll learn how to maximize your profits while reducing your workload and eliminating unnecessary overhead.

You’ll learn ALL our processes and marketing flows in DETAIL to implement in your own business.

Here’s how our 4 weeks together go:

Week 1 & 2

Marketing and Systems with Tiffany
We cover our custom CRM, what our dashboard tracks, how each of our marketing campaigns flow, how our phone system works internally, and how we flow campaigns to our acquisitions team. We also introduce you to the company that helped us build our CRM and currently provides our technical support.

Week 3

Acquisitions Process with Josh
We cover our scripts, our strategic sales processes, our structure, and the KPIs we hold our team accountable to on a daily basis. We also explain our follow up specialist—if you don’t have a follow up specialist role at your company, it’s important that you learn how to implement this immediately. Currently, 80% of our deals are from the tools and process of our follow-up specialist role!

Week 4

Dispo and Transaction Coordinating with Tiffany

We cover how we find our buyers and market to them, how we decide if we are flipping or wholesaling a deal, and exactly how we find hedge funds and BIG buyers to work with in order to increase average deal size and profits.

We believe in building the foundation first.
If you don’t get your systems and tools ready for growth, when you decide to scale a team, it could crash and crash FAST—trust us, we’ve been there.

Inside The Virtual Group, we show you our system inside and out.
During 4 weeks of live 
coaching, we cover:
The inner workings of our marketing campaigns, how leads flow through our systems, how our acquisitions team manages leads, how we track metrics and EVEN how we hold our team accountable day in and day out.

We also show you everything our virtual teams does for our team so you know exactly what to get outsourced in your own business—it’s finally time to stop doing everything and start working smarter.

During the second half of the training, we cover our entire acquisition script process, how we pay our team, and incentivize them to keep working hard. 

We also cover how we find our big buyers, marketing to them, and sell our deals off-market sight unseen.


Here’s what you’re going to learn during the 4-week training:

  • ​How I launch and track all marketing campaigns
  • ​Details on my custom-built CRM
  • Our exact virtual team's management process
  • ​​Introduction to my development staff 
  • ​Exactly how my phones flow for all marketing campaigns when a seller calls in
  • ​Access to my SMS/RVM & Cold Calling campaign details & systems
  • ​Our exact script process to close more deals over the phone
  • ​The follow up process our team uses to consistently close deals
  • ​Our internal dialers flow so you can easily follow up with ANY lead
  • ​​How to hire the RIGHT people & compensate them with results in mind
  • ​How we've found the highest paying buyers in our market
  • ​​How to optimize dispositions
  • ​​and even how we run meetings to promote a winning culture!

You’ll also unlock access to these BONUSES!


When you sign up, you have access to all future recordings which means you get updates as we implement them

You'll get ACCESS to all our scripts, our exact onboarding schedule every new hire goes through, our SMS/RVM templates, meeting agendas, and SO MUCH MORE!!! 


A Community of Real Estate Investors just like you across the country who are implementing our proven process for ongoing support
The Virtual Group opens the doors to our multi-million dollar operation and shows you exactly how to scale your business without scaling a huge team.
We're running this group for less than $1,000 — simply because we, LIKE YOU, spent months losing sleep, stressed out, and exhausted trying to figure our exactly how all the systems, tools, and people needed to work together in order to have the business we envisioned long term and profitable!

I know what it’s like to be burnt out and the burden it puts on your life and family.

Once I figured out that the answers was in systems and people, 
the business exploded and more importantly, I got my sanity back.

I want to help you do the same!

This training is ONLY for you if you’re already doing deals, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing 2 deals or 20 deals per month, this is the foundational piece you NEED.

But this is NOT for newbies- this is for investors who want to scale their current business and grow with a team!

Meet your Instructors

We’re Tiffany and Josh, and we teach you how to get RESULTS too!

We have built an industry-standard, systematic approach that allows investors to scale their business by delegating tasks, lowering lead costs and overhead, all while increasing bottom line profits.

No more doing it on your own, we’re here to show you how we've done it.

Don’t take my word for it…

Here is what OUR students had to say:

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